Jumping Jacks

Small kids are not self-conscious. If they don’t understand how to do jumping jacks, they’re not afraid to give it a try and put their own spin on it. When Brian coached Logan’s pee-wee soccer team, very few kids completely understood the concept of jumping jacks as a warm-up activity. Most ended up dancing in […]

Choo-Choo Mall

Brian’s father — Logan’s grandfather — died in 2009, when Logan was just a few years old. But in that time, he introduced Logan to the world of toy trains. It quickly became a obsession with Logan. During his toddler years, he wanted to ride the Christmas train at South Park Mall in Strongsville as […]

Tell the Whole Truth

Just like Logan never knew Peyton, Brian never had a chance to know his older sister, Kimberly. She was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect. Surgery corrected the defect, but post-surgical complications claimed her life, two months before Brian was born. Brian’s parents seldom talked about Kimberly, unable to dwell on the pain […]