Zappos Just Gets It

Great business become great by examining the methods of other great businesses. That’s not to say you become a complete copycat, but you implement pieces of what you learn in the operations of your own business. Brian became intrigued by Internet retailer Zappos when boxes of shoes began showing up at the I.D. Images office, […]

Pay It Forward

There is great value in finding a mentor, and being a mentor to someone else. Brian had the ¬†fortune of counting St. Ignatius High School head football coach Chuck Kyle among his mentors. Brian played football for Kyle, helping St. Ignatius to a state title in 1992. A number of years later, Brian boarded a […]

The Ladies’ Man

From the day he was born, women have always been drawn to Logan. So it should come as no surprise that when Logan entered kindergarten, one of his first friends was a girl. At first, Logan came home gushing about his new friend and all the things they did together at school. But one day, […]

“This Just Isn’t Right!”

Bedtime is often a point of contention between parents and small children. It’s especially true in summer, when the Sun shines well into the evening hours, and there is no school looming in the morning. When Logan was five, Brian and Kelly bartered a kind of informal agreement with him for the summer. He didn’t […]