The Painting

Several months after losing his daughter Peyton, Brian felt the need to get ¬†back up to speed as a business owner. In April 2008, he made his first business trip since Peyton’s death, travelling to Florida for the annual conference of the Packaging Distributors of America. At the conference, he met Stephen Polin, the owner […]

Trying New Things

Logan was four years old when Brian and Kelly signed him up for flag football. It took a good deal of convincing on Logan’s part, since the league included kids up to age 6. But even with the age difference, and the fact that a number of the 6-year-olds were bigger than Logan, Brian and […]

“Hi, Napkin! I’m Logan!”

Small child plus spaghetti usually equals a big mess. For a parent, it’s equal parts entertainment and teachable moment. Few things in family life have as much comedic value as a small child covered in pasta and tomato sauce, but the ultimate goal is to teach your child to be neater at the table. One […]

Get Curious

When Logan was five years old, Brian became a member of Columbia Hills Country Club in Lorain County, Ohio. As part of his membership, Brian was able to enroll Logan in a peewee golf class. It gave Logan his first taste of golf, and of golf terminology and etiquette. It was a completely new world […]