Customer Service

We’ve all experienced good and bad customer service. A retail clerk goes above and beyond the call of duty to replace a defective product, restoring your faith in humanity — which is only doomed to be damaged again when you go to dinner at the local burrito shop, and the guy behind the counter gets […]

Making Robots

One day, after seeing an episode of Curious George in which George dressed up as a robot, Logan decided he wanted to do the same thing. After he came home from work, Brian was able to fashion a robot suit for Logan out of a cardboard box, kitchen strainer and some magic marker. Brian was […]

Business according to the Easter Bunny

When Logan was 2, Brian and Kelly took him for his first trip to see the Easter Bunny. It was a typical mall Easter Bunny experience, with the child and the person in rabbit suit sitting together while the parents take some pictures. But once the session was over, Kelly wanted to head to a […]

Logan’s Toad

When Logan was a toddler, one of his favorite pastimes was playing in the shallow water of a pond in the backyard of Brian and Kelly’s neighbor, Ed Plaspohl. After months of trying to catch one of the many small, slippery tadpoles in the pond, Logan decided he wanted to try for an animal that […]

Rental Car Adventures

While on a business trip to Charlotte, Brian did what he often does: he rented a car. The trouble is, when he got to the rental car facility at the airport, there were no cars available. The rental car company had botched something in the supply chain. Brian wasn’t happy. Neither was a fellow traveler, […]