Following in Dad’s Footsteps

As Logan matured from toddler to preschool-age, he started taking more of an interest in what his dad did at work each day. Logan knew his dad went to a lot of meetings, and he started wanting to have his own meetings with him. So Brian began taking Logan to breakfast once a week. It […]

“Don’t Rush, Dad”

We’re supposed to be in control of our daily lives. But too often, we let our daily lives control us. As a business owner, husband and father, Brian knows that all too well. In Chapter 5, “Don’t Rush, Dad,” Brian shows how his son, Logan, uses three simple words to help his dad slow down, […]

“It’s a Sunny Day”

After Brian and Kelly’s daughter Peyton died in the womb, Brian had no answers, only questions. What happened to their child, and every bit as important, did it signify a medical problem with Kelly? A problem-solver by nature, Brian wanted to fix everything. But he couldn’t, and it was eating away at him. In Chapter […]

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Good Job, Airplane!: Official news release

Good Job, Airplane! Isn’t that a unique title for a book? What makes those words really special is that Good Job, Airplane! was coined by a small child excited to reach an important destination – DisneyWorld. This is a book about the lessons our children teach us as we go on life’s journey to our […]