What others are saying: Dustin S. Klein

“Few books grab your emotions while simultaneously educating and entertaining you — but that’s exactly what Good Job, Airplane! does. Brian takes readers on a powerful journey of how to transform tragedy into triumph by seeing the world through the eyes of our children. This book will make you just a little bit wiser regarding […]

What others are saying: Jason Jennings

“Brian does what a lot of business leaders aren’t willing to do: He paints himself not as a monument-worthy authority on business, but as a completely fallible human being. The lessons you’ll learn aren’t boardroom platitudes. They’re lessons based on real life, as Brian is torn between the pain of losing one child, and the […]

What others are saying: Eric Adelson

“Good Job, Airplane!” starts with unimaginable loss and leaves the reader with a sense of lasting reward. It’s a poignant tribute but also a road map for success and happiness. Whether you’re a parent or a teenager or a CEO, this book will make you cry, make you think, and make you better.” –Eric Adelson, […]